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Series no.1

It's always so incredibly hard to make a statement about my anti-war work. The horrors of war, so utterly unspeakable. An explanatory paragraph about these works seems hideous and miniscule. I feel exactly the same about the paintings and yet I am still compelled to create them. Left feeling helpless. As the majority of us are. But I will say this. These egos battling back and forth for nothing but an insane narcissistic illusion are sickening. Blood and bodies of the innocent - of our children - everywhere! I realise idealism is the easy path to go down and as an artist this is inherently in my nature. I want to scream NO MORE WARS! I think back to when Obama spoke of the battles against ignorance and intolerence. Corruption and greed. Poverty and despair, I felt like I understood when he said we may need, in our lifetime to once again rise up in defence of our freedom and pay the wages of war. But when does it end. I painted this series some time ago and feel saddened and distraught to the core that today they are as relevant as they were, so many years ago.

Series no.2

Series no.3

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Series no.6

Series no.7

Series no.5

Series no.4